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Stay Safe Against the Rise in Personal Injury Risks this Summer

Schools out for summer! Yes, the joy of summer is the stuff of classic songs and treasured memories. The weather is beautiful. People are taking vacations and celebrating. It really is a magical time. This summer season, make sure that the good times keep rolling by being aware of those common summertime personal injury dangers and how to minimize risk of injuries.

Stay Safe Against the Rise in Personal Injury Risks this Summer

While summertime is associated with beaches, barbecues, and travel, did you also know that the summer season traditionally proves to show steep increases in the occurrences of personal injury incidences and claims? Yes, nothing can cut your summertime fun short like being injured in an accident, but it happens all too often. Here are some of the most commonly occurring summertime accidents and how you can help you and your loved ones stay safe this season.

First of all, car accidents tend to be a big problem in the summertime. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car accidents tend to be a bigger problem in the summertime than at any other time of year with the timeframe between Memorial Day and Labor Day showing a peak in automobile accidents across the U.S. The increase in car accidents during the summer is likely due to a number of factors, including:

  • Increase in road congestion
  • Increase in the number of teen drivers
  • Increase in construction
  • Increase in number of those impaired by alcohol on the road
  • Increase in the number of drivers on vacation and unfamiliar with the area
  • Excessive heat leading to driver dehydration and fatigue

While you are out and about this summer, remember to stay hydrated, never drink and drive, and become as familiar with your driving plans as possible. Also, be sure that your car is properly maintained. Good tires and windshield wipers, for instance, can be critical in safely navigating in summer storms.

There are also increases in the number of bike and pedestrian accidents. Of course, with the nice weather, more people will be out walking and riding their bikes. Overall, the increase in the number of people that are out and about on foot, on bike, or in their car, is likely to be a big part of the increase in the number of accidents occurring. If you are going out for a walk or a bike ride this summer, be sure to remain mindful of your surroundings. Avoid looking at your phone and engaging in other distractions, like listening to music as you go. Being able to see and hear around you can be critical in avoiding accidents. Also, be sure you are equipped with proper safety gear when you are on your bike. Helmets, for instance, can help prevent serious head injuries if you are involved in a crash.

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