attorney meeting with personal injury client

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

The typical insurance company advertisement, which demonstrates care, comfort and support after a tragic accident, is misleading and can make the reality of dealing with insurance companies after you have been injured in an accident jarring, frustrating, and disappointing. After years of paying your premiums, people can often be incredulous at the response they get […]

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man signing a waiver

Can You Overcome a Waiver?

Have you signed up at a gym and signed a waiver along with your new member paperwork? Has your kid gone on a field trip or signed up for a sports activity and a waiver was part of the multitude of forms you needed to complete and sign? These waivers include exculpatory clauses meant to […]

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man with knee injury for car accident

Possible Treatment for Car Accident Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are common in a wide variety of motor vehicle accidents. The type of accident, as well as the force of impact, may result in different types of injuries, but all of them can be very painful and require extensive medical intervention in order to properly heal. Ranging from strains and sprains all the […]

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shoulder injury

Shoulder Injured in an Accident? Possible Treatments

Unfortunately, joints like the shoulder can bear the brunt of force in an accident. Whether it be the force of impact in a car accident or trying to catch yourself after you trip and fall from a hazardous property condition, your shoulders can be particularly vulnerable to injury. Shoulder injuries can have a serious impact […]

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slip and fall

Relevant Proof in Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall claims can be particularly complex. If you have been injured in a slip and fall, however, a slip and fall claim can allow you to recover critical compensation. This compensation can cover things such as medical bills incurred due to receiving treatment and follow-up care for your slip and fall injuries. Medical […]

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injured athlete

How to Help Athletes Stay Injury Free

Staying active fits prominently into leading a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in sports and other physical activity can have a wealth of benefits for your body. Even athletes, however, must take care and exercise caution in order to reap the maximum health benefits and stay injury free. Challenging your body is one thing, but risking injury […]

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personal injury

Personal Injury Trial Witness Types

For many people, a personal injury claim and retaining a personal injury attorney may be the first interactions they have in the legal world. They have been injured in an accident and want to exercise their legal right to be fairly compensated for the losses they have sustained as a result of that accident. Dipping […]

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man calling after an accident

Is Pennsylvania a Comparative Negligence State?

Negligence is a legal theory upon which most personal injury claims are founded. It is the basis for the majority of civil lawsuits. Laws pertaining to negligence are set at the state level. The basic theory remains true, however, throughout. Negligence is when someone else owes you a legal duty to act with a certain […]

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