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Consumers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have a right to expect that the products they buy and use are safe. When manufacturers, designers and distributors provide products that cause an illness or injury, victims have a right to file a product liability lawsuit to obtain compensation. Because product liability claims are complicated, and because negligent parties have an unfair advantage over injury victims, it is crucial to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Cooper Schall and Levy, we are dedicated to protecting victims of defective products throughout the Philadelphia area, including Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, Lancaster and Philadelphia Counties, as well as New Jersey. If you have been harmed or your property was damaged because of a poorly designed or manufactured product, we will make sure you receive the medical care you need and the compensation you deserve. Many product liability claims can be brought in collective action, such as a class action lawsuit or mass tort if numerous individuals have suffered the same or similar injuries from a dangerous or defective product.

When you become our client, we will take the time to explain all of your rights, explore all of your options, and make sure that you receive the full value of your claim. We believe that no one should be forced to suffer because of a defective product and that the negligent parties must be held accountable.

Our legal team has a well-earned reputation for providing our clients with powerful representation when they need it most.

The Experienced Choice in Product Liability Law

At Cooper Schall and Levy, we have extensive experience handling claims arising from a variety of defective products, such as:

  • Automobiles
  • Medical devices, including Stryker hip and knee implants
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Children’s toys
  • Household appliances
  • Construction and factory machinery

What is the basis for a product liability lawsuit?

State and federal laws establish safety standards for most consumer products. Despite this, however, defective products continue to find their way into the marketplace. Grounds for a product liability claim include:

  • Design Defects — Defects that occur during the design phase of a product can adversely impact the manufacturing process and make all of the products defective; injuries can occur even if the product was being used for its intended purpose.
  • Manufacturing Defects — Defects occur while the product is being manufactured or assembled, or when items leave a factory with missing or defective parts, which can result in serious injuries to unsuspecting consumers. Manufacturing defects are more readily identifiable than other types of defects, which is why many product liability claims are based on such flaws.
  • Marketing Defects — State and federal standards require products to have instructions about their proper use and/or adequate warnings about potential dangers. Product liability claims are often filed when products don’t contain adequate warnings or instructions.

Do I have a valid product liability claim?

Being injured by a dangerous product is not necessarily grounds for a lawsuit. Instead, to have a valid claim, you must be able to prove that there is a direct link between your injuries and the defective product. You must also show that (1) the negligent party (e.g. manufacturer, designer, distributor) failed to warn you of a risk, or (2) you were using the product as intended and sustained an injury just the same.

Contact Our Philadelphia Product Liability Attorney

At Cooper Schall and Levy, we have the skills and resources to handle your product liability claim and a proven history of holding negligent manufacturers, designers and distributors accountable. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, you need the powerful representation we are prepared to provide. We routinely collaborate with a respected network of design experts and engineers to build effective product liability claims and have a proven history of achieving successful outcomes inside or outside of the courtroom.

Whether you have been injured because of a design or manufacturing flaw or because the product lacked the necessary instructions and warnings, we will make sure you receive just compensation. Once we determine that you have a valid claim, we will conduct an extensive investigation to learn whether other individuals have suffered similar harm. If so, we can combine these claims into a collective action which can increase the likelihood of a significant recovery.

In any case, you may be awarded monetary damages for your lost wages, medical expenses and similar losses. You may also be awarded nonmonetary damages which are intended to compensate you for pain and suffering and similar harm. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be awarded punitive damages which serve as a means of punishment if the negligent party acted in an unlawful or egregious manner. Above all, we will fight to protect your rights and stand by you every step of the way. Contact our product liability lawyers today for a free consultation.

Cooper Schall & Levy personal injury lawyers serve Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as neighboring counties such as Montgomery County and Delaware County and cover neighborhoods such as Norristown and Drexel Hill.