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Landmark Case Two

Automobile Accident

Settlement: $1.3 Million
Attorneys: Robert Schall
Facts: This case involved a 46-year-old woman who was driving her car on a quiet Sunday morning. This accident occurred when a 17-year-old boy was returning home from an all-night prom after-party which was held at a local high school. The boy fell asleep at the wheel of his father’s car, crossed the center line and crashed into the vehicle containing our client. Our client had emergency life-saving cardiac surgery as well as several other surgeries to her badly damaged arm and leg.

This case was settled for 1.3 Million, which was all the insurance available from the other driver’s insurance policies. Litigation is currently ongoing regarding the school district’s failure to provide transportation after the all-night post-prom celebration where many of the children were sleep-deprived and should not have been allowed to drive away in such a condition from the prom.